Pieces of Me by Dianna Lynn

cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”~ Confucius

Are you searching for a light at the end of your dark tunnel?  Pieces of Me was written by Dianna Lynn with the intention of inspiring you to follow your heart, live  your dreams and have the best life possible.

Inside the pages of her book Dianna masterfully guides you through collection of stories she wrote based on her own life experiences.  Each story is filled with inspiration and wisdom.

An aspect of the book that I loved was that it was real and authentic.  Sometimes Jesus uses unique circumstances to meet us where ever we are within our own lives! He even meets us in unconventional ways as he did Dianna .

While I am being careful not to divulge the stories as to spoil the read for you , Jesus even used a psychic to give peace to his precious child! Each glimpse into the stories provides inspiration and wisdom.

Pieces of Me is written in two parts. The first part is titled Life and  the second is titled Lessons. Each story is written to guide you into the knowledge that although life has dysfunction and adversity , hope still prevails and ultimately wins.

In closing my review I wanted to leave you with a quote that I discovered within Pieces of Me.” Make time for quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud .”



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Finding My Voice

Jesus please let my application I am filling out be accepted.  I silently prayed to Jesus as I filled out the online Application to be a part of  the book launch team for When A Woman Finds Her Voice . After  wholeheartedly praying I left the outcome in His hands.  

I was ecstatic when upon checking my emails , I discovered that I was accepted to  be a part of Jo Ann Fores Book Launch team for her upcoming book , When A Woman Finds Her Voice!  The voice I had longed to use since I was a little girl was finally going to be heard. Although I was doing a Happy Dance to celebrate my acceptance another emotion lurked under the surface. The emotion was Fear.

Starting with my early childhood, fear had buried my voice deep within me.  There were many times in my younger years when I longed to use my voice . I desired so strongly to be able to trust someone  and tell them what was going on in my life.

Although I had been told throughout my life by teachers, parents and grown ups to speak up if someone was touching me inappropriately. Fear kept my voice silent. With each day ,I lost a bit more of my voice. Eventually I began to speak lies into myself ,such as those things didn’t happen to you and if you tell anyone they will not believe you.

At this point in my story you might be asking yourself, what would keep a little girl from using her voice! As I am typing ,  I am taking deep breaths and silently affirming to myself that its okay to use my voice and tell you why I buried my own voice and spoke lies to myself .

Details are not important , but in this instance help to explain why I had such an intense fear of speaking my truth. Imagine a young child who is trying to fall asleep and someone quietly lays behind her and wont let her get up . She attempted to leave her resting place because something in her soul knew that in that moment things were not going to be good. After attempting to fight and vocalize her displeasure and need for help , her head is violently slammed into her own pillow with the words If you tell anyone I will kill you! At that moment the little girl gave up the losing fight and what should never happen to a little girl happened . That night her innocence was taken and so was her voice.

As you may have figured out, I am that little girl all grown up! I have found my voice and am determined to use it. I feel it is important to use my voice to let women know, they are not alone . That they too can find their voice . Hidden underneath all the pain is a beautiful voice that longs to be heard. Will you bravely step out of your comfort zone and discover your voice that was never meant to be stifled ?

I am linking up with an amazing group of women from Jo Ann’s book launch team. Each of us are sharing how we are discovering and sharing our own voicesJo Ann Fore250472_4899259245238_1863239880_n

Five Minute Friday~ Present

List of Presents I am thankful for:

The air I breathe ~ after watching my Grandma not have enough oxygen to breath on her own , I became very thankful for each day that I wake up breathing effortlessly!

My Daughter~ My first glimpse of unconditional love .

My Home~ A few days ago we saw a man whom was holding a sign asking for help , the bottle of water we gave him was like Gold to him. His name is Frank please pray with me for him!

My bible~ some countries the bible is forbidden

Internet~ It has connected me with beautiful people inside and out

This list goes on and on I am also very thankful for My Creators Presence in my day to day life. He provides me with presence and presents daily!

Get Real ~ Jamy Whitaker

Shortly after I turned 30 I realized that I had no idea who I was, and found within myself a deep desire to remove the masks that I had been wearing.  Get Real Stop Hiding Behind the Mask is a phenomenally written book . Within the pages Author Jamy Whitaker takes you on a journey to discovering your identity in Christ, and aides you in courageously removing your own mask.  Three years into my own journey I found Get Real to be very relevant to continuing on the path to removing my masks and discovering my identity in Christ.

The book is written in three parts and also includes a bible study in the back with reflective questions for each chapter.  Most of us have built walls around our lives and hearts either unconsciously or consciously. Get real guides you brick by brick in tearing down your own wall and discovering your identity in Christ.

Inside the chapters you will find relevant visual examples that will support your journey in successfully taking off your mask and stepping into your identity in Christ!  While Get Real is a quick read , I think it would be helpful to read through it more than once.  The first time reading the book you could read it all the way through without answering the questions. Then, the second time you could read it slower, while answering and reflecting on the questions.

I would recommend Get Real for anyone who is looking to dive deeper into the waters of who they are in Christ.  I felt as if the author was holding my hand, and guiding me through the currents of figuring out my own identity in Christ, while removing my masks. Jamysbookcwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11

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Jump ~ Five Minute Friday

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Be brave and join us !


Have you ever watched a little girl jump into her fathers arms? Do you notice the trust she places in him? She jumps safely into his arms knowing without a shadow of a doubt that his strong arms will catch her.

She places all of her trust in her daddy knowing he will catch her. There is no questioning inside her heart that she will be safe inside his arms.  As many  times as his little princess jumps, he will securely catch her each and every time.

I desire to leap into  my saviours’ arms with Faith like a childl. He is waiting with his arms wide open for me to abandon all my fears and jump into his strong arms! Will I surrender and jump? Image

Journey to a Healthier Me

I considered not blo422212_393632034024254_1439364248_ngging about this week of my Journey to a healthier me. Then I decided that I need to share  my successes and my failures. Perhaps there are others out there like me who have trouble with changing their own habits .

While I ponder my intentions which are great,t a quote comes to my mind. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. I confess my intentions were not even great this weekend and didn’t improve this week either.

Instead of putting myself down with all the mental negativity that  you know we all do from time to time, I am going to consciously choose to put positive thoughts into my mind. I am choosing to get back up from my failure and try again.

This past week I went on a Chocolate Binge , my justification was its only a couple mini Butterfingers. Obviously my  scale is the one who really knows the truth about those mini Candy Bars and the other unhealthy choices I made. My weight is back to the same number it was in the beginning of my Journey to A Healthier Me!

I am not allowing this to discourage me . In fact I am doing the opposite . The number on the scale is a sign that motivates me to change.

Prayerfully Saturday when I make another post it will be one about a success! I would appreciate your prayers in my Journey to a healthier Me! Be sure and check out my friends Awesome Success that she is making !

Home ~ Five MInute Friday

Home is my safe place to land. It is my sanctuary where I can be with my family and shut the rest of the world out if I need to. I love being at home in my PJ’s all day walking around in my bare feet!

Home is where my daughter took her first steps. Its where we locked ourselves out on our wedding day . Its where warmth and love is found all snuggled up within the three of us who dwell here.

Home is where I have laughed, cried and even been angry inside these walls. Good thing the walls cant talk! Home is where I feel safe and secure .Image