Inside of my heart is a treasure chest overflowing with treasured memories. Snapshots of times that will be forever etched in my heart. Each encased in its own beautiful package. Somedays  I love to open my treasure chest and lay all of the cherished memories before me to bask in the glow of each distinct moment in time.  One  of my personal favorites is in the first moments of my daughter’s life when we locked eyes and I instantly fell in love with her.  Another favorite is saying I Do at our wedding day to the love of my life. I can still see his sparkling green eyes gazing into my eyes, promising to honor and cherish me all the days of our lives.  As much  as I love to travel back in time and dig into my treasure chest I know that today is meant to be celebrated and cherished so that these moments too can be one-day put into the chest along with the others . Perhaps one-day when I am old and tempted to be bitter I can look back into my treasure chest and find the joys of yesterday , so that I may not dwell on my state of health but instead dwell on what  a cherish life I lived.


Dive ~ Five minute Fridays

On October the sixth , I lost my beloved Grandma .  When she passed from this earth into eternity I was holding her hand. In those moments nothing else mattered but the cold hard fact that my grandma indeed was gone. I could choose to bury my feelings of grief . Instead I am intentionally diving in head first into these uncharted waters . The deeper I dive into grief, the more my soul crys out begging me to go back to the shore, where emotions are more comfortable.  I whisper to my soul, someday the waters of grief wont feel so ice-cold . There are days when I dive into my broken heart and long to stay inside the sadness and not come up to the surface for air. In those moments I remind myself that Grandma FREE! She is  freed from her earthly chains. One-day I too will get the privilege of diving into the Kings arms and embracing sweet freedom from this life.  Life is meant for the living, so I must dive deep to recover the pearl from the bottom of griefs treasure chest. Although I can’t stay inside the darkness of grief forever I must intentionally choose to let myself come back to the surface and live my life. 100_6435

Five minute Friday~ Stay

Learning to stay is an important lesson we must all learn. When troubles arise my first instinct is to run as far as I can to escape . Difficulties leave me feeling trapped inside a bubble without air to breathe.  When challenges have arisen my mind has chanted leave and find a safe place. My heart has closed its doors and said you can’t tolerate any-more . My soul has built walls enclosing my very being to escape the misery, My face has placed a mask to hide any glimpse of pain.  You might at this point be wondering what does all this have to do with staying. I learned to stay once I hit the end of my options for leaving the agonizing pain. I learned to stay in the moment of pain and know I am safe and loved. I can stay and still be able to breathe. I am able to go to the darkest places in my heart and  open the doors to let light in so that I may stay in this place to understand the root of the pain.  Staying is an option , I am not trapped there is a way out of the dark. I don’t have to run from difficulties , its okay to stay and work through them. The walls that surround my soul have no place in my life. I don’t have to hide behind a mask.  I am able to stay and receive life-giving love and remove the mask.  Sometimes escaping pain is not the best answer. It takes walking through the pain with Jesus and letting him find the root of it. Once deeper meaning is given , peace can be found amidst the pain.

Five minute Friday ~Quiet

Quiet is a word that makes my world more cozy and warm. Its in the quiet moments when I realize the love of Jesus is real. We live in a time where quiet is not embraced as often as it should be.  Busyness often times prevents me from crawling into the secret place in my heart where ,its just Jesus and I .  Healing comes when I am quiet before my Saviour. When I surrender to the peace that surpasses all understanding and just let the quietness fill me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. He is always quietly whispering come my child and let me make you whole. Let me fill you with joy.  I invite you today to come and sit before Jesus and listen in the quietness to his soft beautiful words which will warm your soul. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour I invite you to contact me or someone who knows him and they or I can pray with you the prayer that will forever change your life.  I leave you now with the stillness and peace of the holyspirit. My prayer for you is for your quiet moments to be filled with peace and love.

Five minute Friday ~ Roots

Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up in a childhood filled with drug addictions, alcoholism, and strife. The roots of these things were planted deep within her soul. In an attempt to uproot these horrendous things the little girl acted out in school. She thought if I can be the funny one then they wont see what is on the inside.When the little girl grew into a teenager she found another way to hide her roots. She found the magical world of books. The books could take her anywhere she wanted to go . They became her  escape from her dark world of tangled roots.  Books were a great tool to escape but the teenage girl yearned for more to drown out the pain of the roots . She began to experiment with alcohol and drugs.  These provided temporary relief from her burdens and cares. One night the girl in an attempt to drown out her pain drank way too much whiskey. Unconscious and poisoned she was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital. Her stomach was pumped, heart monitors, a catheter , ivs and an intubation tube was placed. Her soul hung in the balances between Heaven and Hell . Jesus decided he was not done with her yet. When the girl awoke she promised Jesus she would not drink again and thanked him for sparing her life.  The teenage girl grew into a woman with the same roots and issues. One-day the holy spirit told her that he could plant good roots in her and help her prune the bad ones. The woman accepted the offer and found a better way to deal with the pain of her roots.  She strives to invite Jesus into the painful places and allows him to prune the roots and replace them with more grounded stable roots.  The woman now has love and grace within her roots . Her hope lies in the promise of eternal life through Jesus. 

Five minute Friday~ Look

Look at me! Mom watch this! Look at this. Did you  watch me do my cart-wheel. Look at my drawing. Look what I did. All of these are phrases I hear often from my daughter. She wants to make sure I see her accomplishments and watch her talents. I don’t always look right when  she asks me too. I do make an effort to look as often as possible. I want her to know that I want to look and see all of her drawings, cartwheels, scooter stunts and ideas that she has to offer. As a mother I am her first teacher and role model. I want her to know that I love her unconditionally and am very interested in every aspect in her life . I know that in order to be in her circle at all when she hits the teen years, that I must build the foundation for our relationship now.  My prayer is this: Lord help me to look away from whatever distractions that potentially keep me from looking at anything my daughter shows me . Lord help me see beneath the surface of my daughter’s life in order to mother her in the best way I can. Help me to look inside my heart and fix my own issues so that I can be a better example and mom to her. Help me to look past small stuff and freely give my daughter your grace. Shine your light through me into my daughter so that she may have no doubt that you love her .

Five minute Friday: Grasp

I was browsing blogs when I found Five minute Friday it looks fun so I thought I would give it a try. The rules are five minutes of writing on the same topic as the other bloggers using the given writing prompt. You have to write without edits, backtracking and absolutely no over thinking . The main rule is to encourage the blogger that you link under , it’s an absolute must.  Here goes my five minutes about the word grasp!

A letter to my inner child: Dear Me, It was not your fault. You could not have stopped it! You didn’t cause it. You are loved beyond measure by your saviour Jesus! Please grasp the truth.  It’s okay to let it go now. It serves you no purpose . Lift up your head and let Jesus set you free from this bondage.  Grasp the wholeness and freedom that is within your reach. Grasp his hand , let him pull you out of this deep dark place. He is waiting for you to reach out to him. Jesus is not a father who condemns. You are beautiful and wonderfully made .  You don’t have to fear. Grasp the truth that will set you free. Jesus holds the key that unlocks this prison cell. Grasp the idea that its okay to play and to be a child. Your past does not define you. Life  will be alot easier if you could just grasp the truth and walk into the love and light of Jesus. Yes he died on the cross for you too!


Adult (Me)