Fall~ Five Minute Friday ~ Written by my daughter

When I think of Fall I envision the season Fall and some one falling from a cliff.  When you fall you feel a gust of wind. Usually when you fall you fall really fast.

When I think of the word fall I think of someone falling off their skateboard. Sky Diving is Falling into the sky. Almost falling is tripping.  Falling is also passing out. 542274_3874977883172_1540450437_3043326_2025005639_n When I think of falling I also think of falling into the water.


Brave ~ Five Minute Friday

You were brave.

You conquered the grave.

You set us free from being the worlds slave

No matter what we may crave

We can be brave

Its all because of what you gave

You were first brave

ImageThankyou for giving your life on the cross Jesus!

Ordinary~Five minute Friday

I have beautiful memories of travelling to numerous yard sales with my grandparents. My Grandfather who was partially disabled due to a stroke in his young adulthood, would patiently wait in the car. He was always excited to see the treasures grandma had purchased

Most of the items Grandma purchased looked like they were ordinary  misfits that belonged in the dumpster. She would see potential in them at the time of her purchase. When she brought them home , they received thorough baths whether in the tub, washing machine or by hand.  Also they were transformed with accessories , for example Grandma would put old antique hats or clip on earrings on bears. If grandma purchased clothes with a stain many times the article of clothing ended up more beautiful than the moment she purchased it. Grandma had a talent of fixing things when others had thrown them out and redeemed them useless. Nothing was too broken for her to redeem and create beauty within the item again.

As I sit here reflecting on her amazing ability to turn trash to treasure , I realize that is just what Jesus does. He redeems our lives and turns our sinful ugly hearts into beautiful loving hearts. Image

Five minute Friday ~What Mama did

Todays Five minute Friday is a bit different and more of a challenge to me. Instead of a one word prompt it is  a question  what did your mama do that made her your mama? Thankfully its an easy question. There are many wonderful things my mama did that made her my special mama!  Every night I could look forward to a home cooked meal complete with vegetables , which were not always my favorite. I could sign her up to bake cookies for my class and she willingly baked them at the last minute notice I gave her.  My mama made me a separate salad from the rest of the family due to the fact that I despised onions!

I was afraid of the dark but I could fall asleep feeling safe every night, because my mama was in the next room still up doing laundry.  Mom took me to work with her and gladly let me help her even if she did have to go back  and redo what I did!  She praised my good grades and my passion for writing.  She introduced me to Cherry Vanilla Dr-peppers from the Sonic drive through which came to be her and I s special treat together.

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Bare ~Five minute Friday

Here is my cup Lord . Look inside and you will see it is bare. Fill it up Lord . Here is my heart Lord, it is bare . Fill it with your love, so that it may overflow to everyone who I meet. Here is my soul Lord ,it is bare. Make it whole Lord, so it may know your unconditional love inside its depths.  I stand bare before you ,take my mind and make it new . Take everything impure and make it pure. Here is my planner laid bare before you, fill it with your plans.

Afraid~five minute Friday

Most of my life I have allowed fear to cripple me. If I was afraid of something I avoided it as if it were the black plague. Fear had a Velcro  death grip on my life.

One-daybrave-cat-with-scripture I was chatting with a friend telling her that I was afraid, her response was “Do it Afraid!” Those words really spoke to my inner soul. In that moment I decided that I was going to do the things I desired and needed to do. Even if  I have to do them Afraid!

I have a fear of public speaking. Each month I attend a conference call with fellow ibloom members. Last month when it came my turn to speak, fear said to pass.  In that moment I could have chosen let my fear win.  I decided to go ahead and do it afraid. I was so scared to speak on a call that I knew lots of others were on. I did it afraid and you know what I survived.

When I am afraid my heart races, my breathing gets shorter, and I shake. These were all symptoms that kept me in bondage. I choose to do whatever it is I need to do afraid. Yes my heart may race, my hands may shake and my breathing will get shallower, but I will do it afraid and survive the experience.

Again ~ Five Minute Friday

The monster snuck in again. It must have found a crack to crawl through. I struggle against the monsters hands whose only motive is to take my mind. He wants to swiftly fly in and perch inside a corner of my mind .  He desires to any joy from me and replace it with pitch black darkness. He wants to bind my heart up until it roars “there is no-one who can help you now!” 

Again , I reach out to the light  the monster named depression slowly begins to fade with his tail  tucked beneath him. He has not given up . He will return for revenge. When he comes again my mind will be renewed and he will be blinded by the light shining inside me.